Dr Mahsan Sadeghi


Dr. Mahsan Sadeghi, a recipient of the CSIRO Early Research Career (CERC) fellowship, is currently a Research Fellow in CSIRO's Energy Business Unit. Her work centres on addressing the challenges of residential overheating and enhancing occupant thermal comfort and health. With temperatures soaring during Australian summers, residential overheating has become a pressing concern, leading to discomfort, health issues, and even mortality in extreme cases. Dr. Sadeghi's research aims to develop a climate-sensitive model for a future Australian thermal comfort standard to mitigate these risks. With a background in architecture, Dr. Sadeghi earned her Ph.D. from The University of Sydney's School of Architecture, Design, and Planning. Her doctoral thesis focused on improving occupant thermal comfort through advanced ventilation systems in Australian residential contexts. Prior to her role at CSIRO, Dr. Sadeghi benefited from a fellowship with the Centre of Air pollution, energy, and health Research (CAR). Her interdisciplinary project explored the intersection of healthy built environments, emphasizing greening infrastructures and their impacts on urban overheating, energy demand, and associated health benefits. Dr. Sadeghi's journey from architecture to health research has been greatly enriched by her time with CAR. Through this fellowship, she expanded her knowledge into the health discipline and forged valuable connections within the health domain. This experience has been instrumental in her career progression, enabling her to make contributions to addressing pressing issues in residential overheating and occupant well-being.






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