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Donna Green is an environmental scientist with international recognition for world-leading multidisciplinary applied research on the interconnected human impacts of climate change, energy policy and air pollution. Her team investigates how best to balance ways to improve indoor air quality from outdoor air pollution (such as from traffic, bushfires or industry) against the increasingly recognised risks from indoor air (eg. airborne diseases such as COVID-19). She leads research and practical collaborations with engineers, legal and policy practitioners, and public health experts to design effective, evidence-based solutions.
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Nigel Goodman is a Research Fellow in Air Quality and Health based in the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health at ANU. Nigel is an experienced air quality scientist with expertise in reducing human exposure to the sources of indoor and outdoor air pollution. He is member of the Climate and Health Group at ANU, and the Healthy Environments and Lives (HEAL) National Research Network, where he helps to address the impacts of air pollution associated with climate and environmental change on human health.
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Martine Dennekamp is the Deputy Chief Environmental Scientist - Environmental Public Health at EPA Victoria. She is an environmental epidemiologist with extensive experience in relation to health impacts from pollution and waste. Prior to joining EPA she was working at Monash University and her environmental health research portfolio includes topics related to air quality and health, and in particular the association between health effects and smoke exposure from planned burns and bushfires, and the association between ambient air pollution and respiratory and cardiovascular health effects. At EPA she is a senior scientific advisor, responsible for leading the Environmental Public Health Branch in providing high quality environmental public health advice, information, publications, and programs, including the environmental health tracking network.
Michael Brauer is a Professor in the School of Population and Public Health at The University of British Columbia and a Principal Research Scientist and Affiliate Professor at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, where he leads the Environmental, Occupational and Dietary Risk Factors team for the Global Burden of Disease.  His research focuses on linkages between the built environment and human health, with specific interest in the global health impacts of air pollution, the relationships between multiple exposures mediated by urban form and population health, and health impacts of a changing climate. He has participated in monitoring and epidemiological studies throughout the world and served on numerous committees, including those advising the World Health Organization, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, the World Heart Federation, the US National Academies, the Royal Society of Canada, the International Joint Commission and governments in North America and Asia.  His contributions to environmental health have been recognized by a number of career achievement and publication awards.

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