Webinar: Understanding silicosis and engineered stone


The devastating health impacts of exposure to dust from engineered stone are now well recognised with a ban on engineered stone introduced in late 2023. However, with new research finding lung damaging elements in even low-silica and silica-free products, this may not be the end of the story. In this free public webinar Professor Graeme Zosky (Menzies Institute for Medical Research, Centre for Safe Air) and Sharna Mathieu (The Lung Foundation) discuss the complex issues that surround occupational exposure to dust from stone products. The discussion facilitated by Dr Nur Sabrina Idrose (University of Melbourne, Centre for Safe Air).



Suggested Citation

Zosky G, Mathieu S. 2024. Understanding silicosis and engineered stone, Centre for Safe Air. Webinar: 18 March 2024



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