Air quality

Air pollution is an important contributor to the burden of disease in Australia, linked to lung disease, heart disease and stroke. Inspired by the health star rating system for food, which enables consumers to compare the relative healthiness of similar food products, we developed a five-star rating system that recognises the attributes of air quality that promote better health. The aims of the project are: to enable people across Australia see how air quality varies; and to stimulate thought and discussion about opportunities for air quality and health improvement in Australia. A summary report can be accessed here
How should Australia's reporting of air quality improve? We've just released our position paper for technical audiences outlining our approach to achieving nationally consistent air quality reporting and health messaging. With the latest bushfire summer, there has never been a better time to look at how states report on air quality.
In the lead-up to the next federal election in 2022, we have released our document Cleaner Air for Australians which outlines 6 air quality policy priorities for the government to pursue. Our priorities are underpinned by our commitment to minimise the negative health impacts of air pollution and energy sources on Australians, and to support the development of evidence-based policies and practices to protect the health of Australians.

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