Postdoctoral Research Fellowships


Applications are now closed. Four Postdoctoral fellowship positions have been awarded for 2024.

Important Dates

Applications must be submitted by no later than Monday 27th November via our submission portal below.

Commonly asked questions

Should I describe a one- or two-year project plan?
For the project proposal section, you are asked to provide a 2-year project plan.

Is there any issue with my supervisor acting as my referee in my postdoctoral fellowship application?
This is fine. You can have your primary supervisor act as a referee for your postdoctoral fellowship application.

In the research impact section, can I refer to activities during my PhD or only since conferral? 
Please include information from both pre- and post-PhD studies for the research impact section.

What is the difference between a. Reach and significance of your research impact b. Research program’s contribution to the research impact and c. Applicant’s contribution to the research impact?
The applicant needs to identify an important issue that was addressed by a cohesive and substantial body of research i.e., research program. This NHMRC document explains for specific sections, what evidence is most relevant to a knowledge impact case study.

References in the application
Note the 2-page references is only for references related to proposal. You should include references in the other sections and maintain the character limit for each box e.g. Impact section, make sure to include the evidence and reference for the impact boxes and maintain the 3000 character limit for each box.

The references for the research impact sections are best if entered manually. Often these references can be abbreviated eg. first author journal and page numbers or PMID number. If the topic is discussed then the title is often not needed. This allows room (in characters) for titles of media articles, policy documents. Endnote is neither needed nor advised for these sections. The references at the end of the proposal can be inserted via Endnote.

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