9 October Webinar: Is Cleaner Air The Key To Better Heart Health?

Sep 28, 2023

Air pollution is the greatest environmental cause of preventable disease and premature death, linked to more than 3,200 deaths a year in Australia.

What many people misunderstand about air pollution, however, is that it endangers heart health more than lung health at a population level.

To explore the link between air pollution and cardiovascular disease you are warmly invited to attend a webinar featuring two of Australia’s leading cardiologists:

  • Professor Garry Jennings AO Chief Medical Officer of the Heart Foundation. Former Director and CEO of the Baker Institute.
  • Professor Kazuaki Negishi Head of Medicine at Sydney Medical School Nepean, Sydney University. Chief Investigator at The Centre for Safe Air.

Register now: https://tinyurl.com/heart-air-pollution

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